How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help a Candy Maker


A digital marketing agency can help a candy maker build brand awareness and drive website traffic. They can also advise on the best way to manage a social media campaign. Choosing the right agency will depend on the business’s needs and objectives. Some agencies specialize in a specific industry, while others focus on a wide range of clients. In addition, some digital marketing agencies offer a variety of services, from SEO to content marketing.Go here:

Many candy makers are dealing with issues that affect their bottom line and in some cases, their survival. These challenges include higher shipping costs, labor shortages, and commodity prices that often exceed their projections. In order to survive, candy makers are having to rethink their strategies and focus on ways to reduce their costs.

Some companies are focusing on creating entertainment and family-friendly experiences to bring their product to life. For instance, Grupo Bimbo is working to physically activate their customers by hosting events outside of the traditional candy theme. This strategy is effective for increasing engagement and generating new leads.

Digital Strategies That Stick: Lessons from Candy Marketing

Other companies are embracing a more edgy approach to their marketing campaigns. For example, M&M is focusing on bringing its animated characters to life at point-of-sale and Russell Stover has refreshed its packaging to look like copper kettles. Both approaches are likely to have long-term positive effects for the candy brands.

Whether you are looking for a digital marketing agency or just want to get your candy out there, it’s important to find an agency that understands your needs and can provide clear and concise advice. To start, ask for recommendations from people in your network. Also, do your research and find out more about the agencies that have worked with similar businesses to yours.

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