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AfCoP is Part of the Organization of a Webinar on May 5th: Be Numerous to Participate

LenCD (Learning Network on Capacity Development: organizes with the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) a live online webinar on the theme “Capacity for Regional Development and Economic Integration in Africa”. This extraordinary event includes AfCoP among the co-organizers and its members are then invited to participate widely to the event and…


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Supporting the Work of Think Tanks as a Sustainable Way to Obtain Development Results in Africa: How Could AfCoP Better Partner with African Policy Institutes?

Policy research is at the core of development results in Africa. Policy institutes, also commonly called think tanks, are the key actors producing policy research around the continent. They play a unique and very determinant function, providing public policy research, analysis and advice and very often independently from political powers. Policy institutes have then a crucial role in identifying problems, suggesting adapted policies and helping find strategies to implement them.



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Capacity for Regional Development and Economic Integration in Africa - Webinar

Monday 5 May 2014,  15:00-16:30 UTC/GMT

For details please visit:

Regionalism is the deliberate attempt by states to create formal mechanisms for dealing with transnational issues. There is strong support for regionalism and economic integration in Africa as a strategy for advancing its socio-economic endeavors, but previous attempts have yielded minimal economic…


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The sun shines on all African women – Day 3 of the G4R Regional Training

From left to right, Auxilia Piringondo (Author) from Zimbabwe and Blen Tllahun from Ethiopia…


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G4R Regional Training – Insights from Day 2

On Wednesday, 9th April 2014 was the Day Two of the Gender for Results (G4R) Learning and knowledge sharing event. The day began with a recap of the previous day and participants shared some of the lessons learn, comments…


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MfDR is an approach that you need to 'Live'!

Strategic Management for Results (MFR) is an approach anchored on development objectives to inform the activities/ tasks, outputs and expected goals by and for an organization (Drucker, Managing for Results, 1985). It builds on the Result-Based Leadership theory and is anchored on the Theory of Change (Ulrich, Zenger, & Smallwood, 1999). The Result-Based Leadership theory has it that a leader needs marshal his team to focus on the eventual development objective or desired outcome. Theory…


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G4R Regional Workshop – Insights from Day 1

Blen (Author) and Nigest Haile, the Ethiopian G4R Team

As it was the first day of the Gender for Results training, the workshop started with registration of participants and opening statements by…


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The Y4R Learning and Knowledge sharing workshop - Y4R members receive a taste of managing for development.

What do you get when you bring together passionate youth leaders from around Africa under one roof? - An energized learning and knowledge sharing event.

This was the result and more when 32 Y4R members from 18 African countries met in the Tunis for a three day Results Based management training. The training workshop was aimed at equipping these young leaders with the skills to properly tackle…


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Y4R Training, Day 3 - Insights from Primrose Nanchani Manyalo

Primrose Manyalo (Zimbabwe, author) sharing her views during training.

The final day of the Youth for Results (Y4R) Knowledge and Leaning event focused on increasing knowledge of young people on case study development and reviewing and…


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Youth for results: Ready for the task ahead


If you make a call to someone often, but never get through to them, or never get a response, then you are involved in an activity. It may be your work, but it is just an activity. It ceases to be an activity when you receive an answer/response. Then you have achieved results, inn form of feedback.


Africa has grown accustomed to 'activities.' whether or not the targeted results are achieved or not something we seldom address.  We have become so used to the mediocre…


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Y4R Training (Day 2) - Insights from Erasmus Mweene

Day two of the Youth for Results (Y4R) knowledge and learning event rolled off on 3rd April 2014 with an overview of what was covered on the…


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Youth for Results Training - Insights, Documents, Presentations, Photos

It was a busy fews days in Tunis at the Youth for Results (Y4R) Regional Training. As you can probably tell from the #Y4R and…


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Y4R Training (Day 1): Insights from Beverly Chisepo

The Youth for Results (Y4R) knowledge and learning event kicked off on the 2nd of April in Tunis, Tunisia with the aim of strengthening young people’s ability to achieve results through building their capacity and knowledge of the MFDR.  Young people have been recognized as key players in achieving…


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African Independence Through Mobile Technology and Business Co-operation

What is the state of scientific independence in Africa, and why is it important? Simply stated, it will help the continent to use its own scientific resources to solve internal problems. This is the goal of the Planet Earth Institute.

At a speech held at the African Union headquarters recently, Dr. Alvaro Sobrinhos, chairman of the Planet Earth Institute, summed up what he believes to be…


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Introducing Ato Ulzen-Appiah - Keynote Speaker for the Youth for Results (Y4R) Regional Workshop

In two days the AfCoP Secretariat will be hosting 32 African youth leaders and members of the Youth for Results (Y4R) network in the Tunisian capital for three exciting days of learning, sharing and networking. Participants from 16 African countries have already started their…


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Growing Income Inequalities Threaten Africa’s Development

The last World Economic Forum, which took place in Davos-Klosters (Switzerland) between January 22nd and 25th 2014, warned that the large and growing income gap between rich and poor is the biggest risk for the global community in the next decade. This common risk is an even more dramatic reality in Africa, where increased income inequalities widen the gulf between rich and poor within countries.…


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Some Thoughts and Readings on Youth Unemployment

This week I would like to propose to the AfCoP members who don’t know already it the Global Development Professionals Network ( on The Guardian website. It is a very interesting source of readings on development…


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Does Evaluation matter for Gender?

March 8 is celebrated as international women's day every year, while the entire month of March is dedicated as women's history month in the United States.

It should therefore come as no great surprise that the Operations Evaluation Department of the African Development Bank focuses on gender and evaluation in its…


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Learnings from TALEARN Jakarta

Image By: Anne Sophie Lambert

Last week in Jakarta, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative brought together donors, researchers, INGOs, and CSOs from all over the world to discuss the key questions and challenges in our shared field of transparency and accountability (T/A). As a small organization striving to break…


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Kenya Community of Practice (KCoP) Validates Country MfDR Readiness Assessment

Africa aims to become a pole for global growth in the years to come by unleashing its regional integration potential, building strong institutions and instilling the results culture in all areas of public sector. One of the initiatives that seek to put Kenya onto the global map is the Kenya Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (KCoP-MfDR) that supports Africa’s transformation agenda. MfDR…


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