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The African Community of Practice (AfCoP) on managing for development results is a bilingual community launched in february 2007 in Hanoi, Vietnam, duting the third international roundtable on the management for development results. The community has been launched as an answer to african governments and practicioners call to share knowledge and best practices on management for development results in Africa.


AfCoP is a dedicated platform where you can discuss about what works or doesn’t regarding the results oriented management


Africa for Results initiative is a regional approach dedicated to the making of Africa through growth and sustainable development focused on results


Afcop community is a dedicated social network allowing its members to interact and exchange views about results improvements practices


Our different resources allow you to get trained and benefit from a specific knowledge


More than 200 open and free ressources dedicated to GRD

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Woman, Abomey
Philippe Lagrange

Philippe Lagrange

Man, Poitiers
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Lalaina Randriarimanana

Woman, Antananarivo
Bertrand Mejuju

Bertrand Mejuju

Man, Yaoundé